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Fight against Legionella

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Electrodes made of pure copper and silver
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High efficiency and proven performance
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Constant monitoring and online support
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System safe for people and installations


Bifipro is an innovative technology that allows you to remove Legionella bacteria from water and eliminate their source - biofilm in water installations. Using two types of electrodes - pure copper and pure silver, the ions of these elements are dosed into the water, making it possible to fight Legionella. The dosing takes place through electrolysis. The number of electrodes depends on the amount of water that needs to be treated. Silver and copper ions have biocidal properties and their amount does not decrease over time. Bifipro does not use any aggressive chemicals, but only pure copper and pure silver electrodes. Confirmation of the highest quality is the fact that many hospitals use technology to ensure the safety of patients. Currently, there are more than 600 systems in operation around the world, which we constantly monitor.

Precise electromagnetic flow meters constantly measure water flow and send information to the control box computer. Based on the flow, the computer transmits the correct voltage to each of the electrodes. Electricity flows between the electrodes and the electrolysis process provides the water with appropriate concentrations of silver and copper ions. The higher the flow, the more silver and copper ions are dosed into the water. Each of the electrodes is controlled separately, so that the Bifipro system provides excellent control over the dosage of both copper and silver. All device data (including dose, flow, electrode status) is displayed on the touch screen of the control box. Data can also be accessed remotely via Each partner receives regular reports on the current state of water and progress in the fight against Legionella.

A great advantage of Bifipro is the online monitoring system, which allows you to manage and control the status of the installation without having to be in the facility. Each device is monitored separately. As part of the monitoring, data on water flow, doses of dosed copper and silver ions and the consumption status of the electrodes are analysed. Additionally, the results of microbiological tests (concentration of Legionella bacteria in water) are analysed. A team of engineers regularly visits each of our partners and performs system maintenance. Monitoring allows us to control the system perfectly. If necessary, we recommend flushing the system, changing the ion concentration or changing the electrodes. The whole process is carried out by our company and changes can be made remotely. We deal with system selection, installation, monitoring and maintenance. The customer receives regular reports on the current status of the machine, how the Legionella removal process works and what the recommendations are.

Bifipro is a very effective method of fighting Legionella. Silver and copper are characterized by high efficiency in removing biofilm from the installation. By using two types of electrodes, very good quality flow meters and controllers, we can guarantee that the concentration of silver and copper is always optimal. Bifipro is the only technology to combat Legionella in which comprehensive online monitoring is applied. Bifipro has been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and received a positive opinion from the Director of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. Since 2016, Bifipro has been operating in many prestigious hospitals and hotels, from where we have very positive references.


We are a company that believes that fighting Legionella requires a comprehensive approach. Our experience in the market confirms this conviction. Operation, monitoring and maintenance - this is the key to achieving concrete results. We value the contact with our customers, which is why we are in constant contact with them. Our specialists take care of them at every stage of the investment:


Sales Manager

Jakub will select the right
equipment for you and guide
you through the entire
purchase process.

+48 519 691 344


Technical Specialist

Krzysztof is responsible for the
installation and maintenance
of the system and assists
in its commissioning.

+48 788 416 769

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Technology Specialist

Bartosz constantly
monitors the effectiveness
of all systems and reports
to you.

+48 794 319 678


Marketing Specialist

Barbara organizes conferences
and symposiums and
is responsible for
promotion and marketing.

+48 508 804 984

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Our presence on the market allows us to gain experience. Our systems are installed in various locations, where they often replace other technologies that did not bring the expected effect. We invite you to familiarize yourself with reference letters and opinions on Bifipro.


Legionella is a bacterium that poses a threat to human health and life. The maximum concentration of microorganisms in the water is precisely regulated by law. It is worth knowing that the main habitat for these bacteria is biofilm. Why? Because just getting rid of bacteria, e.g. by thermal disinfection, may not be effective. Bacteria are killed at high temperatures, but often return after a short period of time. Overheating itself is dangerous for the installation because it can cause corrosion. Biofilm is a biological membrane that consists of microbial cells surrounded by a layer of organic and mineral matter. This is where Legionella develops and lives. Infection is caused by inhaling water-based aerosols, e.g. when taking a shower. Fighting Legionella is therefore a very important task, especially in buildings such as hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.


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